RFI Construction

RFI Begins Work at the Melvin Municipal Office Building

RFI Construction LLC will soon begin work on the Melvin Municipal Office Building (MMOB) here in Greensboro, North Carolina. RFI’s contract is for Interior Renovations. We will be completing demolition work, building acoustical ceilings, tile, and the removal of existing flooring. We will also install the new storefront walls and doors, gypsum walls, wood frames and doors. This Project is scheduled to begin in August and it will be completed in two stages with the first stage scheduled for 60 days and the second stage scheduled for 45 days.

The MMOB is renovating the Collections and Graphic Solutions portion of the 1st floor of the Plaza level and relocating those offices to the 2nd floor level of the Plaza.

This is the second Project that RFI will be completing for the MMOB. Our first Project with MMOB was to renovate the Planning and Inspection portion of the building which was completed in November of last year. For this Project we were scheduled to complete the Project in a month and were able to complete the Project in only three weeks.

RFI Construction LLC is working hard to be one of the best General Contractors in the business, and will continue to complete our projects in a timely manner and with excellent quality workmanship.

August 9, 2011 at 5:49 pm